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Clinical Rotation

Goshen School Affiliations

Colleges & Universities Affiliated with Goshen for Clinical Rotation

If your school is not listed, please contact Skylar Holland, at and we will work to set up a school affiliation agreement. If you do see your school listed please click here to complete the Clinical Rotation Student Application.

  • (AU)-Averett University
  • (BU)-Bradley University
  • Caring For Life
  • Cedarville University
  • (CU)-Chamberlain University School of Nursing (P/VN, BSN, RN-BS
  • Columbus State University
  • (DU)-Duke University Family Medicine
  • (ECU)-East Carolina University Nurse Practitioner/Rural Family Medicine
  • Georgetown University
  • High Point University
  • Indiana State University
  • James Sprunt Community College
  • (MU)-Methodist University Physician Assistant
  • (NKU)-Northern Kentucky University
  • Penn-Foster Career School
  • Pfeiffer University Physician Assistant
  • (PU)-Purdue University
  • Regis College
  • Rockhurst University
  • Samford University
  • Sampson Community College
  • (SC)-South College Nurse Practitioner
  • St. John Fisher University
  • (SU)South University
  • Texas Tech University
  • Troy University
  • (UC)University of Cincinnati
  • University of Missouri – Kansas City
  • University of South Alabama
  • (USC)-University of Southern California
  • University of South Carolina
  • (UT)University of Toledo
  • (USU)-United States University
  • (UNCW)–University of North Carolina at Wilmington
  • (UNC-CH)–University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
  • (WU)-Walden University
  • (WGU)-Western Governors University
  • (WSSU) Winston-Salem State University



  • The school must have a written contract or affiliation agreement with Goshen, not the Precepting Provider or the Site.
  • The student must complete a Goshen student application (please see link above). When the application is completed, please email Skylar Holland at
  • Corporate must confirm that we have a current school agreement/contract that is between the School/Program and Goshen Medical Center, prior to approving any student application. This is not a signed agreement with a specific provider who is asked to be a preceptor or the site where the rotation is requested.  Without an agreement, student applications will be rejected.   Students are not covered by Federal Malpractice and must provide proof of school coverage.  Therefore, the school agreement/contract must include language about liability insurance for the student.
  • The agreement/contract must also include language regarding payment directly to Goshen, not the provider, even if the provider signs a preceptor agreement with the school/student, for the preceptorship.  Some schools and programs do not pay and the student is responsible for the cost.  The range of pay, by schools (or the student if the school does not pay), is no less than $500/month and for some schools up to $1000/month.  When payment is received to Goshen, then Goshen will dispense a portion of the payment to the provider.
  • Please understand that even if there is a school agreement, the submission of a student application is not a guarantee that Goshen will have a rotation slot available.  Once the application is evaluated, current agreement confirmed, it is at this point that Corporate will contact the Provider and Site Leader directly regarding the request for a rotation slot.  The Site Leader can check schedules, productivity, flow within the office, etc. and recommend for or against the ability to support a student for the requested time.  The Provider must agree to be willing and able to precept for the requested period of time.  Precepting is limited to one student, physically in the office, at a time.  I.e. One student on Monday and Wednesday and another student on Tuesday and Thursday is acceptable.  Two students in the office with the same provider on Monday and Wednesday is not.  If the provider is not willing and/or able to precept, then I will inform the student that we do not have an opening and we are not able to provide a site for a rotation.
  • This will be confirmed by email to all parties confirming that all requirements have been met and it is approved.  Without this confirmation, there should not be any student in any office doing rotations.
  • This confirmation will also alert accounts payable to expect payment to Goshen that will then be dispersed appropriately to the provider.  Also serves as an alert to our IT department to arrange email, Cloud Craft access, etc. as needed.
  • If we do not follow this protocol, Goshen, our providers, and staff may not be covered by our FTCA (Federal Tort Claims Act “Federal Malpractice”) for any work or potential liability regarding their role in precepting and providing care to patients with the student.