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Covid-19 Information

**Please read the following information in regards to precautions to take to combat the current Covid-19 worldwide pandemic.**

woman wearing a face mask getting a covid vaccine

Time to Vaccinate

It’s been a challenging year, but we’re starting to turn the tide on this pandemic. It takes every one of us, doing our part, to defeat this virus. Let’s get back to the friends, family, and events we enjoy.

Talk to your Goshen Medical Center health care provider about COVID-19 vaccines. Make the best decisions to protect you, your family, and your community. COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective, allowing our Nation to begin the return to normalcy.

Goshen offers the Moderna, Johnson and Johnson’s Janssen, and Pfizer-BioNtech COVID-19 vaccines. For more information about how to find a COVID-19 vaccine, preparing for your vaccine, how it may affect specific groups of people, and what to expect when you receive your vaccine, please see the CDC link below.

CDC Vaccine Info Covid-19 | Goshen Medical Center

help if you are sick with covid

What to do if you are sick with Covid-19

If you are sick with COVID-19 or think you may be sick with COVID-19, the link below contains practical steps to care for yourself and to help protect your family, friends, and the community.

Steps If You Are Sick info-icon

Additional Covid-19 Resources


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