Hours of Operation:


Tues. Wednes. Thurs. Fri.
7:30 -6:30 7:30 -6:30 7:30 -6:30 7:30 -6:30 CLOSED
Closed for Lunch:
Monday - Thursday: 1- 2 PM

Phone Number:

Fax Number:

Site Leader:

Linda Quick

Scope of Care:

  • Adult Medicine (16 and older)
  • On site lab

Standard Services:

Goshen Medical Center, Hamlet

106 Jefferson Street · Hamlet, NC 28345

Medical Provider

Susan Craven, ANP
Adult Nurse Practitioner

Kim J. Puckett, FNP
Family Nurse Practitioner


Clinical Staff

Robin Dunlap, RN

Donna Woodard, CMA

Kimberly Bowden, RN

Patient Services

Lori Dixon


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